You can hear the song here. Golden Arm

I heat the spoon
Heat the needle too
Turn the lights down
And the pictures of my family around
Am I lying to you or
Finally telling the truth?

I've got a golden arm
You can't do me no harm
Like a map the marks
Will lead you back to my heart
The place where
This all starts

I feel like Jesus' son
Always the chosen one
The quiet saint with a mind
Full of waste
In truth I never really ever
Found my way

And if they find me
Dead at twenty three
Will they feel relieved now that
They don't have to worry
No more
You can't do me no harm

I tripped on the double negative. Intentional or not I feel it has to go. I suppose you can say it characterises the narrator or whatnot, but being a grammar perfectionist, yeah. I'd change it.

Pretty nice rhyme throughout. I felt the flow lost its way in verse three, maybe it was the sibilance of "jesus' son" that got me.

Good read, good listen, good stuff.