Will my xbox burn my HDTV 1080i tv? cause my dads paranoid that i will...so to resolve this problem, i need to know does it?
No, it won't. Now that you know, delete this thread, and from now on post gaming related things in the gaming thread. Thanks.

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eventually it will, but if you just do it every once in a while it will be fine. i only use my xbox on my hdtv every once in a while.
come on, the pit? at least the gaming thread if not oh idk the XBOX360 forums on a different site
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If its a Plasma screen it will, and I know this from experience. If its an LCD then youll be ok.

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Lol. "Dad, I asked the internet that's notorious for aids jokes about the tv, they said it should be fine."

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If its and LCD your fine.

Plasma, its a bit dodgey.
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