what would happen if you were to poor or lazy to get a new pickguard...what would happen if you spraypainted it?!?!?!
you would end up with a spraypainted pickguard lol...

and i don't think it'd wear off unless you rubbed it... besides if you're too cheap to buy a new one, who cares?
the paint would definently ware off my friend did it and the paint where his hand rested was worn off in less than a week. it could look very bad too because the paint would be extreamly glossy and it wouldent loook "natural" on the guitar. also if you are an "amature" painter it would look bad because of the un even paint. with the cost of paint it would only be a few more bucks anyways for the pickguard because you would need several layers and if you aere going to do it right you would put on some clearcoat.

ALSO forget about cleaning the pickguard off. any sort of cleaner solvent would eat away the paint.

some music stores have a section in the back where you can buy used pickguards that are in very nice shape.
i bought a used one for my jazz bass because of how old it was it wouldent look right to put a brand new pickguard on a somewhat "worn" looking bass

my opinion is just wait the more money/time/effort you put into your guitar the more you will get back!
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I would advise against it because when you strum the pickguard *guards* the wood from being scratched. If you spraypaint it, the paint won't stand a chance against the pick, and it will look like crap.
I bet it'd look cool slightly faded
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spray paint would work fine, but you should put a few coats of clearcoat on after the paint so it doesn't wear off
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spray paint would work fine, but you should put a few coats of clearcoat on after the paint so it doesn't wear off

This is correct, all the other posts saying it would wear off or fade are only true if you don't finish the job. A few coats of clear and it's no different than it was before. I've sprayed a pickguard before and it still looks no different than any other as far as wear, it is scratched, but all of mine are, they're scratchplates.