Hey guys,
I want to buy that Saga guitar kit but customize it so I have a few questions. (if anyone who has the kit and customized it, that would be great)

1. ok so basically, i want to put a custom finish, like a black on it or a sunburst type finish.
how long does this take and has anyone done it?

2. i want to replace the neck with a custom neck i will buy from the internet
--- can this be done, has anyone done it, and if so, can you send me the link to the neck you used so i can use the same?

3. is it easy to replace the pickups with better ones?

thanks guys
1. A proper finish can take weeks/months - due mainly to the time spent waiting for the laquer to cure. It isn't all that difficult to paint a guitar, the most important thing is patience. Any more questions about painting or finishing have probably been answered in the sticky

2. You can replace the neck, but you'll need to match the neck and pocket size. There really isn't much point in replacing the neck as far as I can see unless you're going for more (24?) frets, in which case the neck could cost more than the kit itself.

3. Pickups are exceedingly easy to replace, you simply solder in the new ones assuming you aren't doing any routing, which shouldn't be necessary. You'll want to replace all the electronics in the saga kit as they are snap connected and notoriously low quality.
i would want to replace the neck to get the gibson inlays..
or is there an easier way to get those on
I don't think there is any easy way to change the inlays, it would be easiest to get a new neck, but I must say it's simply not worth it; a decent neck will set you back at least $100.
do you know where i can get one of those custom necks with the gibson inlays
and how would i know if it can fit in the spot of the old neck
You can get custom necks here, but it would be insane to spend that kind of money on a saga.

You would measure the neck pocket on the guitar and match the neck width to that.
You might try ebay for a neck. But I dont know what kind of neck pocket is used on a saga. If its fender style then you might be in luck. But a decent neck with those inlay isnt going to be cheap and if it is cheap theres a reason its cheap. And getting gibson style inlays will be expensive. So you may just have to stick to the dots. Or learn to do inlays yourself. Different pickups wont be any harder to install than the ones that comes with the kit.