As nice as all the amp kits are available, I notice that it was all American... so for us Canadians, we will have to wait for customs and etc, so lots of overhead.

As someone living in Vancouver, does anyone know where I can acquire a good kit? If not, know where I can acquire a good chassis and cabinet for a 12" combo?

On a side note, I am trying to build a gibsonette clone with modern touch – so three preamp valves instead of one with at least one cathode follower, 3-band tone stack, 2x 6L6 or EL34, and of course, a much larger OT that will allow me to squeeze out as much class A goodness
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I built an amp...ordered parts from Canada, US and Malaysia.

Got taxed a bit on the order from Malaysia but nothing too bad.

That being said....search Trinity Amps
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