Hi all. I started off playing acoustic last Nov. I just started electric March this year.
I really enjoy playing guitar but i need some songs to practise with.
I can play open/barre/power chords, and started off playing simple power chord songs (blink, sum 41, nirvana) etc..

Now ive been learning songs like SCOM, Back in black, Stairway, Metallica stuff too..

can anyone recommend more songs to add to my practise regime o_O?
sweet child o mine, nightrain, mr brownstone, basically anything by guns n roses is really fun to play and helps you get better at riffin and soloin, all right now by free is fun to play, hotel california by the eagles, comfortably numb by pink floyd, crossroads by cream. it really depends what type of music you wanna play
uhhh you might try some Stevie Ray Vaughn, maybe something like Cold Shot or Pride and Joy... Texas Flood's good too. if that's too hard for you, just keep sticking with classic rock
Thanks for the input. What are the basic AC/DC and Metallica songs which have easy riffs/solos to master?
TNT and Back in Black are simple and good for ACDC

Metallica has a few simpler songs, i like Enter Sandman, Jump in the Fire, a slightly more difficult one is Seek and Destroy, but its not real hard, just not as easy as the other two
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