I had an ad up for my MIM Deluxe Strat, and someone emailed me, offering to trade a vintage 1975 Vantage Ghost, made in the Matsumoku factory which is in Japan I believe. It's a Gibson "The Paul" copy, and according to some sources on the internet, it plays and sounds better than any Gibson guitar out there today, and there were only a couple ever made. The guy also said there are vintage Burstbuckers in it which cost $450+ (which I'm kind of skeptical of), but whatever. I'm stoked to check it out this weekend.

The body is clear coated mahogany, with a mahogany set neck and a rosewood fretboard. Gives it a good vintage, custom look.

Just thought I'd share the love. Thanks for reading.
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looks neat! i've always been into the covered pickups, but burst-buckers seem pretty kickass too

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