Not sure how many people would be familiar with him, but Bruce Cockburn is one of my favorites. It's not completely perfect but I think I did a fairly good job. I do make some wicked guitar faces though... ignore them. It was recorded just on two video camera's simultaneously, edited it in Adobe Premiere Pro, and only took one of the audio tracks, surprisingly sounded alright.

Here 'tis:
Love this piece.
I have a few problems with your cover though. Firstly, the tempo fluctuates a bit. I think you need to work on the pull offs and arpegios as well. Also the harmonics at the end didn't ring out

Good cover though - it's certainly not the easiest piece to play!
Thanks for your input. I realize I can't get it quite to the perfect tempo, I should probably practice with a metronome . But those arpeggios are completely brutal, the finger picking pattern is ridiculous. It alternates back and forth on the two bass strings, and then descends on the other three, so in effect I am playing nearly every possible interval within each chord twice. I've gotten better at this piece since the video was filmed however. But there is always room for improvement.
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yeah, I had a go at it a while back but couldn't get past the second section

BTW, your Ocean cover was really great.
Your tempo was a little shaky at times, but you definitely captured the mood of the piece. I can tell it's difficult, but perhaps you should try hitting the high strings with your first and second fingers as opposed to just the first, similar to Travis picking.
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Quote by xX*Zeppelin*Xx
BTW, your Ocean cover was really great.

Thanks very much

And I do use my second finger, but only in the main riff. I'll try to incorporate it into the rest of song though and see if it works out.