So, I want to buy a new guitar, but I have an issue with wiring and such.

I want 2 pickups, 2 volume controls, one tone, but I don't want a pickup selector. I want to be able to use both pickups independently via volume knobs, but I don't want either pickup to have to rely on the other one in order to work; like how a Les Paul in middle position uses both pickups, but you need both turned on in order to get the other one working. When I use more of the Bridge Pickup and little bit of the neck Pickup, it still doesn't have that tone that just the Bridge Pickup has.

Pretty much, I want to be able to turn up the bridge pickup and hear just the bridge pickup how it would sound without adding in the neck pickup. Then I want to be able to turn up the neck pickup and hear what it would sound like without having the bridge pickup affecting it. Then I want to be able to blend the two and make it sound like what it would blending together at whatever ratio I want/need.

I don't even know if this is possible. Do they make special electronics for this sort of deal that would sum the signals, or lack of signal, accordingly? I just don't want to have to deal with a pickup selector. Thanks bunches!

All ya gotta do is wire each pup to it's own volume pot then proceed as normal. Just look at any old wiring diagram and see how the pup (or switch) is wired to the vol. pot and how the whole thing is wired to the tone.

Pretty simple and definately possible.
Yes. What you've described will function just as you expect.
It's the same as the wiring of a Fender Jazz Bass.
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Jeeze! I never thought to look that up, but that makes sense. I have a bass that is wired that way, J and P combo, but I never thought about translating that to guitar. Thanks!