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Floyd Rose
21 32%
Fixed Bridge
45 68%
Voters: 66.
I currently have 2 guitars, one with a floyd rose and one with a fixed bridge, and I have to say that the fixed bridge seems easier to play. Palm muting etc... I was wondering how everyone else feels on this topic.
Fixed bridge has better sustain typically, especially string-thru's.

Only get a trem if you know you will need it. Otherwise its not worth the trouble.
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I prefer Fixed Bridge. I wouldn't use the whammy bar much, and would rather not hassle with floyd rose.
i feel that trem guitars are more flexible for soloing, but riffs are more fun to play on a fixed bridge.
fixed bridge is easier to play but this is beginner stuff in my opinion. floyd rose gives you so much possibilities to do great solo stuff with great sounds like divebombs etc. i would never give this away! floyd rose rocks
Fixed bridge if you're only going to be incorporating the FR into your playing a little. A Floyd isn't worth the hassle IMO, and you can switch tunings easier.
I love both types of bridges, as they are completely different beasts when it comes to what I need them for, but sometimes I find myself reaching for my bar on a guitar that doesn't have one, and it always lends a certain amount of disappointment to not have it
Unfortunately I bought my guitar before i actually learn't about guitars and I didn't know what floyd rose WAS then...now i wish i had a fixed bridge
Well for me floyd roses are just too much- no subtlety. But a strat/bigsby style bridge and I'll adore it.
Fixed bridge.

I don't know if I'll prefer a FR because I've never played one before.
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I prefer the sustain of a fixed bridge, especially tonepros, and I've always found floyds to be way too much hassle
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fixed bridge for me. sustain is way better. i disliked the FR in a guitar at the studio i play in. too bulky for me.
FR for me. A fixed bridge just doesn't cut it like a knife-edge tremolo.
Well, currently Fixed.

BUT, my next guitar will deffinantly be a FR. I'll use my current guitar for crazy tunings and such, so problem solved.
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I have a number of fixed bridge guitars, so I wanted something different when I got my Blackjack ATX FR. Sure it's more hassle as far as tuning and setting up, but just like with anything else, you learn to live with and deal.

By virtue of ease, I prefer my fixed bridge guitars, but I wouldn't give up my FR either.
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id go fixed.

BTW you shouldve called this thread tremolo or tremono
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I like FR's, because I actually use them
More of a fixed bridge guy. Out of my 14 guitars two have floyds, one has a kahler, and two have std fender trem's. The rest are strung through or hardtail.
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More of a fixed bridge guy. Out of my 14 guitars two have floyds, one has a kahler, and two have std fender trem's. The rest are strung through or hardtail.


holy hell dude.

got one that you dont like or want?
The trem on my RG doesn't get in the way when muting, I actually find it's more comfortable doing mutes with it than my other 3 guitars with fixed bridges.

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well my ibanez has a trem (exr 170 ) it was ok but my les paul with the fixed brig is totally different to play i like it and i d prefer a fixed bridege to a cheap trem but i never played floyed rose.. mhhh^^

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Wow I never knew there were this many people who disliked FRs.

I've never owned a guitar with one but my next guitar has one. I feel overall they're more good than bad. Sure it takes a while to tune but it will stay in tune, also you have a lot of new things to work with soloing.

I guess to each his own.
I don't hate FR's at all, I just don't prefer them. The major thing that irritates me with an FR, not so much on the Kahler, is playing a bend after something like an open E, and wanting it to sound out, and the bend ends up pulling the bridge and dropping my E. On the Kahler I barely notice this.
Ever since I've tried one I've really liked them. I haven't used them much, I've only played a few, but no whenever I do a little improv solo I wish my schecter had one for harmonic squeels and divebombs. But no doubt fixed is easier. I just really like the feel of them, and just having one there for that maybe once or twice I want to do a DB or HS it's totally worth it. I mean pinch harmonics are insane now that I know how to do them, but after sitting with a FR and getting harmonic squeels down, they're not enough. I really want a guitar with an FR, but currently I can't find anything I really like with one, so I'm going for an EC-1000. After that I'll get something with an FR and use the EC to do screwy tunings with.

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holy hell dude.

got one that you dont like or want?

I once knew a girl who had 20 guitars, not even kidding. She could play to, and she gave a ton of them to friends, unfortunately she moved before I started seriously playing lol... I just might have to drive and check up on her for no apparent reason... or maybe just to bum a guitar...
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I don't play anything that requires a tremolo, so fixed for me.
In fact, none of my guitar heroes use tremolo, except Chet Atkins.
And hell, he used a Bigsby, not some fancy-pants Floyd.
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id go fixed.

BTW you shouldve called this thread tremolo or tremono

Why don't you get a tremolo and a tremolno (Tremol-No)?


Put it in the back, it blocks it and its fixed. Unscrew something in the back, it's a floating bridge again.

Then again its $65... http://www.allparts.com/store/bridge-parts-miscellaneous-bridge-parts-bp-2005-010,Product.asp
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