I was wondering if there is such thing as a solid state amp with a simular (close to) 5150 kind of tone.
That signature tightness at the low end kind of thing.
Or can i acheive that with an EQ pedal?
Thanks in advance.
The only thing that would get close, in my opinion, would be the Vetta, which would cost more than a 5150.
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save up money and get a 5150.

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the Randal RG series could get you there.

But, save for the real thing.
For those who care.
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You could buy a Bugera if you live in an area where the used 5150 doesnt come around everyday.

No solid state amp will get you there

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Bummer as.
Yeah, i'd totally get a Bugera, but there is no such thing in AUS as yet.
Don't get a Bugera, you could get a Randall to give you a better tight aggressive metal tone. I know the Bugera 6262 is modelling the 6505 (5150), but it is just a cheap immitation and they are made extremely cheaply and it's just a time bomb waiting to blow up on you. But Allens stocks Bugera if you want to try them out

But really, just save up for the 5150.
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