what is it, a little amp or a pedal effect

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if ur looking for an amp thats better than the ruby, gives u more practice and knowledge about amps, and sounds hella good, the tube cricket is the winner. cant say anythign about the ruby tuby because ive never built it Built the tube cricket a couple months ago, and i sold my vox30 because this has become my home practice amp. What you're gonna want to do if u wanna play this a lot, is add another switch to toggle between batteries and an ac -> dc adapter. This bad boy eats through batteries because the tube needs a lot of energy. Ive compared this side to side with a voxAd5 and microcube, and the tube cricket is almost as loud and has WAY better tone.
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I thought the tube cricket only had 1 ax7 tube?
it does. a 12AX7 is a dual triode. look at the pin numbers.
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Its a crap little amp. I bread boarded it way back...

There are way better low wattage tube amps out there that are just as simple. They use space charge tubes. Very fun
I think I might try the class A one. Can you shock yourself fatelly building that guy? What safty measures are needed? Remember, I have never built anything bigger than a distortion pedal.
Then that isnt a great build for you...

Build a LM386 based amp like a Ruby or such...throw in a tube based boost/overdrive in front if you want a tube. Run both on 12V...meh not bad.
Sorry, My mind stoped working. I've built a little gem too. so should I try the tube cricket next, before the space charge tube class a one?
What kind of board should I use for building the Tube cricket on?
Point to point. Like components soldered to other components and whanot.
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OK I was making a parts list for the tube cricket and have a question. At rist of sounding like a noob, is nf the same as uf? for cap values.
Also, how does my parts list look for the tube cricket?

R1 4.7k C1 470 TR1 100k
R2 220 C2 470 TR2 100k
R3 220 C3 220 VR2 100k lin.
R4 1M C4 .0047 VR4 100k
R5 1M C5 VR5 1k
R6 68k C6 .047 IC1 JRC386
R7 4.7k C7 .0047 V1A 12au7
R8 100k C8 .01 V1B 12au7
R9 1M C9 .047 LED1 red
R10 56k C10 SW1 spst
R11 4.7 C11 .1
R12 10k C12 10
C13 .047
C14 220