What exactly would i need to record my self singing and playing guitar? I have a laptop that i could record to, but know absoultely nothing about recording. I know id need some software to record w., but what gear would i need?

I looked at line6 tone ports and thought those seemed good, but really have no clue whatsoever.
Basically: an audio interface, microphone, and computer w/ recording software. A toneport would work, but make sure you get something with 2 inputs if you want to record guitar and vocals at the same time. Audacity is apparently the best free recording software, but a lot of audio interfaces include software. I got an M-audio firewire solo for $200, it has a mic input and guitar input plus it came with a basic version of Ableton Live.
Toneport UX1 is the minimum, as it has one mic input and one instr input, but there are two inputs in the back so you can have two guitars, or a guitar and a bass, or a keyboard and a bass etc. etc.
Yep, as people have said, you're probably going to need an interface. Recording through a stock soundcard will usually not give a good result, and have latency. A recording interface will bypass your soundcard and give better quality recordings. I suggest you have a browse through the stickies and then ask any more specific questions in here.
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