so i run my ibanez rg370 with seymore duncan jb brigde through a peavy valve king head and matching cab.
for mics i have a sure sm58 and a sehnsier e409 going to a berighner pa/mixer then to my computer and i am using adiocity.

when i try to record my guitar often sounds week and laks the punch i have when on stage or in a live recording. i have tried using a large room, a closet. differant mic positions and messing with my eq.

any one have any ideas to help me out?
Tbh I just run a cheapo 10+ year old mic straight to my computer., works fine through Audacity tbh, Try just running a mic directly into your computer?
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i have tried by passing the mixer to go to stright in to my computer i get more o so the same problem.

another thing is this is the first time i have recrorded with a tube amp, every one says you should really cranck it up to get the tubes on fire. by the time i get the master volume to about 12o'clock it clips the mic and then i get a loud grr sound. any ways to fix that?