Ok here's the deal. Last week I thought I made up my mind of getting a MIM Strat HSS, now I see this site, rondomusic.com and I came across the SX SST Ash RN and the Douglas SI-13 TR Floyd, they are both so much cheaper than the MIM Strat. I know, I know You get what you pay for, but after countless hours reading reviews on the guitars I found that they are good guitars. By the way do I really need a floyd Rose Trem? I keep hearing about if but I really do not know what is it since I've never played with one. What is the main difference between a floyd and a normal one? Do both guitars have a jumbo frets? If you have one of these what are the pros and cons? Finally how would a rondo guitar compare with a MIM Fat Strat?

If by normal trem you mean a strat vintage style, then the difference is that it's not meant for dive-bombs and dramatic pitch shifts. It's more for a subtle vibrato effect. Rondo does have a very good reputation but I've only played the Agiles, so I can't say much about SX or Douglas.
Then I can't really imagine you needing a Floyd Rose, and to be honest the SX looks like it's put together a little more nicely. As for the MIM strat, I've heard really good things about them, and would expect better quality than the SX, though I'm not sure how much, and it would be at about three times the price.
I have a MIM strat and the quality is great. The tremolo can't do as much as my RG was able to do, but I can do nice small bends so in this way, it can do more. You mentioned RHCP and Pink Floyd. Both have strat players.
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yea divebombs not really my thing, more into RCHP, Pink Floyd.

Hell yeah. You just named my two favourite bands man. Personally I'd save my money til I had enough to buy a nice American Fender standard Strat. If I was going for that HSS sound and was into divebombing, I'd go for an Ibanez (but I'm not. I hate Ibanez guitars sooo much.)

Both Gilmour and Frusciante use single coils on their strats (though gilmour often uses a Gretsch power jet these days.) So if you're really after their sounds go for the SSS standard American Fender.
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Get the strat.

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Yea, ok then I'm going with the strat. The reason I am leaning toward the HSS guitar is because I would like to have a bit more range when playing, sometimes I want to deeper, darker tone you know? I know that it wont be as deep as Les Paul, but I think that is too deep. By the way does that one have the S-1 switching system? I don't know since it is MIM and not MIA