So i have been playing between a 35 w Cruiser amp and a borrowed bassmaster 60 watt. I hate the cruiser...... and even the 60w was struggling to keep up when i was playing yesterday.. and i kinda have to give it back as weel

So i have decided to go all out this summer and spend big on a new rig that should last a long time...... I think im almost set on the cab.. I'm gonig for the Ampeg SVT-410HLF classic series here

but i'm kinda humming and hawing over the head i want... After a couple of days research on the net i have come up with two that i like the look/sound of and i'm wondering do any of you own or have experience with these heads and could give me some advice. Also if any of you have another head not mentioned here that you would like to recommend.. feel free to do so!!

Trace Elliot AH500-7 500W here

Aguilar AG 500SC Single Channel Bass Head here

Will these rigs last a long time for me?? I play alternative rock, post-punk, indie music and i have to compete with a drummer(Pearl forum series) Lead(orange 30w crush amp but is upgrading to much bigger this summer) Rhythm(70 watt also upgrading to an orange tube amp) and vocals(whatever amps are leftover, but are on the lookout for a decent monitor/speaker this summer)

My budget is approx 1,500 EUR... approx $2350 at todays rates... but i can adjust the budget if need be!!

Thanks in advance
Spending that kind of money means you HAVE to go try every option you have at your disposal. Also consider Ampeg heads, Eden heads, Genz Benz, Ashdown, SWR, Markbass, and tons of other stuff.

The Ampeg cab you posted has a frequency response down to only 48hz. The low B (assuming you have one) is at 30hz, and the low E is at 41hz. That means you'll get slightly less fundamental, but more overtones and harmonics.

I want to say that 500 watts will last you a while, but there are others who will say you may as well save up another 500 or 600 and get a head closer to 1000 watts.
i'd go for the trace elliot, always loved them, but like the guy above me says, go and try some different ones
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