english is my 2nd language so don`t expect any complicated sentences =)
i`ll try to reveal some of my thoughts here though.
"Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful."

if i ever close my eyes in pain
will i see the transcendentalists
or just regular dead people?

if i ever open my eyes
will i see spirituality
or just regular evil?

i will never close my eyes
for they have never been opened,

i shall watch clouds fly
disguising the horror
of the souls passing by.
/surely influenced by E.A.Poe here/

The Lovelorn Cantatrice

Like a stranger in my sight
pale blue eyes create this night
rather dim then dark, I`d say

Sometimes i see a fire
revealing years and desire
emitting a soft steady light

How could you leave this night alone,
when winds crawl in through my doors
and a threat of sorrow roars?

(whispers to Herself again):
Frightened as you were
paint this night obscure
and tell it to your heart:

What is lost comes never more.