Im currently considering the Line 6 Toneport GX and i was wondering if it was any good.

The price is good and so far ive only heard goo dthings but i thought id ask your opinions.

Also, can you just plug it in and play? Or do you need a specific recording programe (i.e. Audacity) aswell?

Many thanks,

i have one i like it it works really well for recording your riffs and it has lots of built in features works great with auducity too i would recomend it
Ok cool. So you dont *have* to have like Audacity, you can record just with the Gearbox software, right?

Im seriously considering this. Just need to get dad's approval lol.
gearbox is the amp modeling software, youll need audacity or some other program to record,

and imo all the distortion presets sound very crappy,

but some of the clean settings is ok
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Oh right.

Well thats no problem really, Audacity is easily obtainable. I *think* my grandpa has Cubase somewhere.....anyhoo.

Thanks. The distortion shouldnt be too much of a problem for me though lol.

Thanks everyone.