i got a turbo tube screamer for my birthday today, which i'm really really happy with.

i just have a little question.

does it have true bypass?

the online instruction manual doesn't say.

it sounds fine through an amp, but i've also in the past used a boss ds-1 which has sounded like true bypass on an amp at home, but then i've used it at a gig, where i found out that at higher volumes, even when off there's still a really strong distortion sound (and no, it wasn't because the amp was overdriving).

so thanks a lot for any help.

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no, i dont think ts's are true bypass
but i dont think that would make your amp distort when it is off
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neither the ts or the ds 1 are true bypass the still load your signal when switched off. but they wont/dont or at least shouldnt if working properly, cause any distortion sounds when off.

(true bypass isnt really necessary)
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