Ya i really like this play and was wonderin wat are the different ways in which you have read the charater Othello?

I see the obvious were he is an insecure black man in an extremely racism society.

not rly hwk or anything just interested.

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one reading of it is that iago is secretly atracted to othelo and that is why he tries to take him down... seriously
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Thread over in one post!

This is a homework thread, isn't it?
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This is a homework thread, isn't it?

kinda i have to write a speech but i already know what im doin i was just interested to see how other ppl read the charater is all.

and ya i knew bout the one where iago is gay, funny at first but ya if ya think bout it, it actully works.
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English, please. Lets have some respect for the subject matter, eh?
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Othello was a strong minded character and apparently the strongest man in the play until Act 3. He was what everyone wanted to be like; General, good looking, lovely wife, liked and admired by all. But some members of his society didn't like who he was and what he had achieved (even though it was through Meritocracy).
His mind was poisoned by Iago and he fell by the end of the play. His "strong minded personality" was uncovered to be weak and easily poisoned.

I love Othello, I even put him in my blog.
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