im looking for an overdrive pedal or possibly a new amp to get the following things:

1. better/clearer harmonics ( pinch squeals, van halen type whammy bar thingy)
2. clearer chords
3. somthing that cleans up when you roll your guitar volume back down
4. some good sustain
5. sounds good when plam muted.

the equipment im using is as follows:

olp mmf1 -> epiphone/legend fire bird half stack

i also have an ashton practice amp which i used the following setup once:

olp mm1f -> ashton 15 watt -> (out of the ashtons headphone jack) epiphone/legend fire bird half stack

what i did with that setup was turned the clean volume and all the eq's up on both amps but with no gain and it caused a sort of "natural distortion" if you would call it. the good things about this rig was that the chords were clear, it clean up with the volume rolled back but it had no harmonics or sustain.

if anyone could help me or need to ask more questions ill be willing to help.