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My name's Josh, I'm 16, I enjoy a variety of music, mostly punk and hardcore, although I don't mind metal and hip hop. I dropped out of school last year and now I work full time as a Green Corps participant, earning roughly $530 a fortnight. I absolutely suck at guitar and I'm making little process, but that's okay because I only do it for enjoyment.

I've had three real relationships so far, none of which I can say were incredibly productive or worth it. I'm not a virgin, and I don't have sex with anyone outside of a relationship. I'm starting to get lonely again, but I'm hoping to fix that soon.

I want to be a tattoo artist and open my own studio with my friend, who wants to be a body piercer. I love playing video games and wasting my time, making threads like these for example. I get absolutely nothing out of lesbian porn, and I never want to be in a threesome. I have piercings, stretched ears, and love stupid hairstyles. Smoking weed is something I do often.

Random facts. Three paragraphs max, go. Why? I'm bored, and I want to see what other teenagers lives are like at my age.
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At your age I had discovered metal and weed. They are still with me.

I had a g/f, but was still a virgin. Now I don't have a g/f, but I'm not a virgin.

I wanted to be a computer goon for a job. Now I am.

There ya go. Im 22 now btw...
My name's Dillon.

I like to whack it and play guitar.

joe 22 listen to anything from whats on the radio to dylan,ac/dc, maiden etc i clear a grand every four weeks i work in social work big football fan (glasgow celtic) not missed a game in years played guitar for about 8 years doing not bad i think a typical 22 year old scottish guy i think lol
This is me in a nutshell: "Help! I'm in a nutshell! How did I get into this bloody great big nutshell? What kind of shell has a nut like this?"
darrell-18-going to college to be an engineer-a guitar GOD to many of my friends-a guitar noob to some of my friends that actually play the instrument-i listen to EVERYTHING-kinda lonley-pretty shy-pretty eyes-rugger-good parents.
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You sir, are a nice person.
My name is Kieran.

Supreme Commander of the Lulzo-prospekt Armada.

I like to run and listen to music.

I like candy.

That is all.
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You, my friend, win in epic proportions

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Man... now I gotta clean my laptop screen.

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^That has too much win for me to handle....
I think I need a glass of water and a nap.

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My name is Kjell and I'm 21. I have a thing for racist choccolate bars. My life revolves around girls, gaming, photography and miscallenous. I hope to have a job soon that lets me travel around the world, looking for pirate treasure taking pictures.
im ryan

and i really dont care about any of your lives

thats my input done lol
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Antisocial Behaviour Order. A chav's equivalent of GCSEs.
I'm really awesome.
I skate, smoke, drink alot, do drugs whenever I can. I've given up on having relationships, too much hassle. I'm doing well in school, I'm gonna go on to do A levels, get a dead end job, the real moneys gonna come from other activites . . . .. .
I play guitar, mainly acoustic, I write a load of songs, I've been progressing slowly but now I'm pretty good. Got plenty of good friends. I'm just generally awesome and better than most people at life.

There ya go.
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I am not a woman as I currently claim

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I am actually a woman, unlike Frenchy
guitar and fapping in a wallnut case

you asked for my life in a nut shell
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'Nine out of ten people actually enjoy gang rape.'
I'm Stuart and I'm 17. I'm off to Glasgow University to do English literature in september because I love literature. Specifically, the poems of Seamus Heaney, Phillip Larkin, Dylan Thomas, Ian Mcniece, Niel Mccaig and Lewis Carroll and Writers like Alasdair Gray, Compton Mckenzie and Dickens. I'm in a blues/funk/soul band who've basically just finished now, as we're all going off to uni. Mostly I enjoy ^ reading, I also like writing short stories, have been trying my hand and poetry and now I'm finishing up a music course at college (which i've passed) before I go off to uni.
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I'm just really really gay.
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My name is Kjell and I'm 21. I have a thing for racist choccolate bars. My life revolves around girls, gaming, photography and miscallenous. I hope to have a job soon that lets me travel around the world, looking for pirate treasure taking pictures.

Ye better not be stealing me treasures.
I'm jon, 19, work at a pharmaceutical company making drugs, youngest employee out of 5000. Also work part time at a crazy house. I work 70hr weeks and spend my freetime writing music getting ready to record my band's first cd. I've had one gf who broke up with me 4 months ago. I'm not a virgin, only ****ed one girl (ex gf). I'm in love with her, and she still probably does but won't admit it. Want to go to college next year, saving up bcuz its gonna cost a ****load.

I'm pretty cool.
I'm dave, I'm 18 years old. And I like to party. I drink, but I don't smoke, but I don't mind people that do smoke.

I work at Domino's as a delivery driver, and it's the best job ever, I also go to college and study law, english lit and business.

I've had 2 serious relationships, one which lasted a year and another which lasted just over 2 years. I'm single now and I enjoy it. The freedom is good. I've slept with 12 different girls.

Oh, and I have the best friends in the world.

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Homosexual sex for $200?
Be honest.
I'd do it. I think that I could stand one night with a man for the financial security of my whole life and the life of my children
And no I'm not gay. I'm 100% straight.

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spoken like a true jew
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I'm 16, grew up on a farm, I'm a go-to-school-get-the-work-done-and-go-home person(I don't talk to anyone at my school).
I love guitars, womens....yeah
My diet consists of all flavours of Mountain Dew and Chocolate Poparts.

EDIT: Oh, and my name is Micah (NOT A GIRL NAME )
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I'm Aidan (Aidy's yr r3al na3m?! ZOMG!1), I'm 18 and I'm from Worksop, a crummy little town near Nottingham. However, at the tender age of 9 I was whisked away to live in Bottisham, a mind-numbingly boring village in the fens on the far outskirts of Cambridge. I live with my Mum, who's been battling cancer since last year, my two brothers who are 16 and 13, my 4 year old half brother, and sometimes my stepdad, who's not usually here. My 'real' Dad left when I was 5, and contact has been short and sporadic. We're a pretty low-income household, but we're not that poor. My family are pretty musical- My Grandpa is a tenor opera singer, my uncle's a grade 8 pianist, my Mum was on the promotion team for EMI that launched Pet Shop Boys (urgh...), and my Stepdad roadied for Soft Cell.

I'm studying English Language, Media Studies and Psychology at college after dropping Music due to there being no teachers. I'm also forming a band with some old friends, and we've got aspirations to really take it far. I don't really want to have a 9-5 career, but I'm going to study adolescent psychology so I've got a backup career. There's high demand for more adolescent psychiatrists, and I reckon I'm understanding, patient and level-headed enough for the job.

My main passion in life is music. I've been playing guitar for 6 years, and I've had singing lessons, too. My favourite bands are Muse, InMe, Dir En Grey and AFI, and my style takes after them a lot. I also enjoy driving, and I currently own a white Vauxhall Corsa automatic with a pair of Nintendo fluffy dice on the mirror. If I can raise enough money, I'll get a pro-shop full-body Mudkip paint job.

In the next year I'd like to get the band going steadily, and hopefully we'll have some quality studio time under our belts.

Random facts:

-I'm an ex Pokémon TCG champion. Therefore, I officially outnerd you.
-I've been in Kerrang!, dressed as a typical 12 year old emo holding a sign saying 'I'm Gay For Billy!'.
-My old band The Damage Case played a gay festival in 2006. We wore pink trilby hats.
-I am a devout vegetarian, and I don't take drugs. Also, I VERY rarely drink alcohol, if at all.
Name's Sarah. I'm 17, bored, trying to make my life worth while, sick of high school and stupid teenagers, even though I am one sometimes.

I make art, lots of it, play guitar when I have the time, I read a lot, think about how I could make the government think reasonably, write on occasion. I'm soon going to be moving to the middle of nowhere, beginning my senior year in a brand new high school, get a job once I move there, and learn how to revolutionize myself in a single year. And get a car, a life, a greater understanding of the world, and a much bigger MP3 player.

Haven't had any serious relationships and I don't really care yet. With everything I'm doing, relationships are the last thing on my mind.

To good times ahead.
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This is me in a nutshell: "Help! I'm in a nutshell! How did I get into this bloody great big nutshell? What kind of shell has a nut like this?"

I imagine my reaction would be similar.
I have no idea really, my life is all confusing and messy and I'm just not thinking about it and seeing what happens. My goals are pretty much to not **** anything up too bad the next day.

Apart from that, there's my plan of moving out when I'm 18, getting an apartment in Sydney and a ****ty job that just barely covers everything, getting a lot better at guitar and if need be trying to learn to sing (not likely), and either putting a symphonic progressive thrash metal (lulz) band together through ads in magazines and ****, or if I can't find anyone and end up learning to sing myself, recording everything myself like Devin Townsend does.

The band will be called Necrostroodel. I've already written enough songs for an album. It could be a concept album if it wasn't for one song that's obviously about the film Dagon, although I guess the main character could just watch that film at some point.
I'm Carrie. I'm 15. I play bass but I'm hoping to start learning guitar sometime this year. =)

I was born in Hong Kong, when it was still owned by Britain. Life in Hong Kong was apparently very demanding, especially with the education system, thusly my family of 5 moved to England when I was just under the age of 1 to give me and my sisters a better education. Sometimes I despise being Chinese, although I love the culture, the Chinese Community where I live is just too...bitchy, superstitious and ignorant.
I've been able to be alone without complaint from a young age, I won't go into why as I fear that it might stir up some trouble for my parents.
I've changed alot in these few years, perhaps it's just puberty and all. I think I prefer who I am now. I tend to make quite a few jokes about myself, I don't mind people laughing at me at my own expense.

I love music and art. They're my two favourite hobbies and lessons at school. The one regret I have right now is that my mp3 player is broken. =/ I really like going to local gigs.I really like films to do with war, I haven't seen a lot, but there's something about them that is slightly alluring. Studio Ghibli ftw.

I like to think that I'm straight with bi-curious tendencies. I am indeed attracted to boys more than girls significantly, but I wouldn't say no to some lesbianism. Haha.
In fact, on a scale of getting off with either gender, I've definately had more lesbian action than hetero...which is kinda strange. =P
I haven't had a lot of experience of guys, I've had one proper relationship and that lasted about a year. I don't know how I feel about him.At the moment, I'm not desperately looking for a boyfriend. It would be nice to get one, but whatever happens happens.
My life started because of booze. I was raised by booze. I make my money from booze. By law of averages, my life shall end because of booze.
Is it a bad thing if one of your testicles is larger then the other two?
Smoke pot. Walk around the woods a lot. Chill with my buds. Play bass.

pretty sweet.
Death Cube K

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i know an old lady who supports abortion because it's generally low-class black women getting it performed and for her the less inner-city black kids (or blacks in general) there are, the better.

Oh Damn
I'm Declan. I'm 19. Been playing guitar for 8 years now, and bass for 1. And I live to expand my CD and vinyl collection (numbers at 283 and 66, respectively).

Member #1 - UG RIP Cliff Burton Club: 11 members!! (PM Me to join).
Member #6 - Official Angus Young Fan Club.
Member #4 - RATM Club.
Member #4 - 'Using gay as an insult proclaims your idiocy' club
My name is Magnus. I'm 18, and do whatever the hell I like. I'm in my last year of high school, maybe even the last year of anything school like ever, as I'm going to start my apprenticeship or begin as a trainee or whatever it is called in English, in any case it is based of my high school education, where the result will be something along the lines of computer tech-support. Hopefully it will go fine and in two years time I will be fully educated and can get a descent job.

I mostly listen to metal, more specifically death metal, but also a lot of deathcore. Besides from that I also listen to the other genres of metal, almost everything from power to thrash and beyond. Completely other genres of music I listen to is folk music (primarily from the Middle East and Egypt) and classical along the lines of Bach and Mozart.

I've played acoustic guitar for 11 years, bass for 6 and electric for 3, and play reasonably well.

Apart from that I like to read a lot, mostly fantasy and sci-fi.
I also like computer gaming. I've been gaming since I was 4 and by the time I was 5 I knew how to operate Dos 6.22 and Win 3.11 and played DooM multiplayer with my brother and his friends that are ten years older than me. I also occasionally play some xbox or NES.
I also like to watch a few series and animes and my spare time.
Apart from that I hang out with my friends, Partying (getting drunk would be a better term I suppose) and do a lot of random crap which cannot be explained in any way at all.

Have had a single relationship, but we broke up because she was going to move (or at this moment have moved) to Australia (which reminds me about that I've seen at least a couple of not so bad looking girls on UG that originally came from Norway, but had moved to Australia... I smell something fishy).
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Hello, I am Robert Nevelle. I am a survivor living in New York City. If anyone is out there, I can provide food, water, and protection.
My name's Grant, and I've been abusing heroin for 20 years.

Wait...this isn't my NA meeting.



I was much further out than you thought
And not waving but drowning.
I was much too far out all my life
And not waving but drowning.
My name is Liz, I'm 21 years old and I live in the UK. I did two years of music tech at college when I left school but had to quit the course to find full time work to help my parents out with money and have been doing crap jobs ever since. I'm currently off work waiting for an operation to fix carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand which sucks but the ops next friday so it should be fine soon.
I bought my first house for 95000 just over a year ago with my partner who I've been with for almost three years and I have a cat called Leo. I play guitar, drums and keyboard and I do a bit of vocals. I've played in various bands, most successful being the nuclear babies. I love punk music and do everything I can to support the local punk scene including running a website which features mp3's, interviews, reviews etc, putting on gigs and obviously going to gigs. Four years ago I recorded and produced a compilation cd of local bands called ostrich syndrome, all proceeds went to charity. I'm a smoker and I do like a drink, usually Guinness or whiskey.
“I smoke. If this bothers anyone, I suggest you look around at the world in which we live and shut your f*ckin' mouth.” RIP
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Hello, I am Robert Nevelle. I am a survivor living in New York City. If anyone is out there, I can provide food, water, and protection.

“I smoke. If this bothers anyone, I suggest you look around at the world in which we live and shut your f*ckin' mouth.” RIP
My name is James.

I am British Born Chinese.

I watch Bleach.

I play guitar.

And I love my music.
My names Antonio. I dropped out of high school a couple weeks ago and im 16. Love playin guitar although im not that good. I dont get anything out of lesbian porn either.

I am probably one of the most racist people you will ever meet and its not my decision i just am that way. Im also a satanist. My lifes going downhill in this **** hole called New Jersey.

****in Tits
I'm Brick Tamland. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late. I like to eat ice cream and I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks. Years later, a doctor will tell me that I have an I.Q. of 48 and am what some people call mentally retarded.
Names Joe, college, drink, electro, indie, my band, nice clothes, nice guitars, nice sounds.


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The only reason it exists is because drugs get people fucked up, and people love getting fucked up.

Names Rob, I'm 20 and I live in a suburb of Milwaukee called St. Francis. Not too bad of a place.

I "graduated" from the Milwaukee Area Technical College with an Associates Degree in Music, I live for music/guitar, I am in a forming Funk band with a WAMI award winning Tenor Sax player, I am in the prospects of getting a job at Hal/Leonard as a music transcriber as well as teaching guitar as well, I taught guitar for the website Infinite Guitar for a few months, but quit because of business reasons, my music varies from Classical and Smooth Jazz to Extreme Metal/Death Metal, but NO rap or polka.

I have been playing guitar for the past 7 1/2 years and am very good at it, but I don't like to toot my own horn.

I do not drink, smoke, do drugs, or have any prospects of a woman in my life anytime soon, but I don't dwell on it too much.

Let's see...what else... My mom lives in Racine with her new husband and son, my dad lives somewhere, I'm not too sure, my sisters live with their mom in Florida. I live with my grandmother and have been ever since I was born.

Random Info: When my mom was about 6-7 months pregnant with me, she shot herself in the stomach in which the bullet went through my right leg, shattered and did extensive damage to my body. Was born premature because of it and was not expected to live through the night. I got my name because when my mom's parents were out in the hallway while we were in surgery, a nurse came out and asked for a name for me because they had brought in a priest to give me my last rites, so they decided to name me after my 2 grandfathers: Robert and Joseph. Because of the gunshot and complications, I have 6 big deep scars all across my abdomen as well as a bald spot on the back of my skull where they had to stick some tube into my skull. The scar on my leg was from the bullet, the one vertically on my abdomen is from when they had to take out a foot of intestine because of gangrene, one on my right side goes all the way to my back from damage to my kidney and liver, one on my left side is from who knows, one underneath it right above my waist is from a catheter-type device, one on my right pec was from a feeding tube because my throat was so small, I am blind in my left eye but see everything with my left... and that's about it.
I am debating whether or not to get plastic surgery to remove the scars.

The End.
"...I escaped into the music. And the music has been my best friend. It has always been a safeguard against life and reality for me..." -Hans Zimmer

"Friends are just your enemies who don't have the guts to kill you." -Steve Peplin
I'm George, 21 yrs old. I've just finished my third year at Glasgow uni, where I study Geography. I enjoy all sorts of music, raves and I'm recently getting a bit more politicised. I'm doing my dissertation on the Geographies of the Anti-globalisation movement.

After I graduate I want to do some conservation work, after which I'm going to try and land a job with an NGO campaigning on issues of globalisation and international development.

Random fact: I'm English, but have lived in Scotland for 12 yrs: Identity crisis. Go me.
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