so i want one
i have a low budget, and im starting the violin, so quality isnt really an issue atm.
anyone know of a cheap manufacturing line?
thanks in advance.
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Ask any teachers you'll be getting lessons from. They'll have a professional opinion & will be able to recommend a good one for you.

i am planning to self teach.
My sister has a crap one... it doesn't make you want to play if you have a rubbish instrument. Just go to a music shop and get the best you can afford They will also be able to give you advice.
Hey i've started learning violin too!
I'm just using violin for dummies, i suppose that counts as self teach...
learning a classical instrument like violin isn't like learning guitar. you can get really good on guitar if you self teach but the same cant be said for violin. get your self some tuition, trust me it will be worth it
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