I recently watched a concert of them on vh1 classic. and i recall all the moments everyone always says how easy acdc is to learn. now, i have confidence in saying i no my pentatonic scales and am incredibly familiar with the ones they use, yet no matter how many times i practice them, and ive ben doing this for months, i cant get angus's solos down. is it just the fact that hes a penta-master, or shood i practice going up and down on the scales faster? i ahve no problem doing most blues licks, its just the really fast runs up and down.
you are probably practicing the fast bits wrong, you probably start out slow then move straight and try play fast.... Try playing it SOOOOOO redicilously slowly.... And then increase it slowly, like 5bpm a day or something... eventually you will get it..

Just have to play slow for a while, because you are training the memory of ur muscles.
No, that doesnt work well. You have to devide the solo's into bits and pieces. Angus' solos are filled with repetitive parts. Practice these parts. First slowly, then faster.
You will also notice very clear phrases in his solo's. If the solo YOU are playing has the same phrasing, it will sound good. These solos are almost impossible to learn EXACT. And that may not be the goal. I'm even sure that Angus himself always played his solo's differently, because he didnt know anymore how it was exactly. Thats what makes his solo's so great.
Try to understand the phrasing, try to devide the solo into sentences, and try to play THAT.
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AC/DC's songs are straigtforward enough, but some of Angus's solos are plain mental. The best thing to do is get a feel for his style by learning some of the simpler solos before attempting the harder ones.

Try Highway to Hell, Touch Too Much, You Shook Me All Night Long and Back in Black before attempting something nuts like Whole Lotta Rosie. If you can't nail them then you've got no chance with the harder stuff.

Both the other 2 posters have good advice about learning solos in general...break them up into manageable sections AND play them slowly first, master them at that slower speed and gradually increase from there....if you can't play something slowly then you're certainly not going to be able to play it quickly.
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angus has a great blues feeling. maybe it would also help you to try to get into deeper contact with that type of soloing, you could for example also check out chuck berrys or billy gibbons solos