i purchased this bass last month, its the top end version, mahoganny neck-through, with active electronics.
some of my friends have told me that its crap compaired to a fender p-bass. but it feels like an extention of my body when i play it & it sounds great when played through my ashdown amp.
i was wondering what you guys thought of it.
As long as you like it, it doesn't matter, your friends are probably just being FenderFanBoiz who just think that Fender's are always the best instruments, just ignore them, or tell them that, to you, the Dean is much better, and it shouldn't make a difference to them because they aren't playing it
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I can relate man, I recently bought a bass and I had a choice between an Ibanez and an amp for $170 or a used Fender Jazz Bass and no amp for $279, so I went with the Ibanez, and honestly I don't think I'm missing out on that much. I sat in the Music Store for about an hour playing both, and yes the Fender was better, but I just liked the feel of the Ibanez, and the price tag was none too shabby. I learned on a Fender but when it comes right down to it it really is a matter of preference