Here i sit, awake again late at night, expecting to be up till around 1am again.
And so pit, the question begs to be answered, what is your bedtime?!

me, usually around midnite, altho i been going to bed at around 1 for the past week. I havent needed to wake up early
holidays = about 3 in the mornin
school days = about 10/11 ish..
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i sleep when i can get my head down i've kind of got a twenty six hour day cos i only work four nights a week (21:00-07:00)so on my weekend (mon,tues,wed) i sleep when i can .
between 10 and 11

or if its th holidays then whenever i feel like it
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depends. usually i'm ****ed so i go to bed at 10 or i just stay up until my parental guardian makes me turn the computer off. which is around 1 or 2
10-11 when I have a class at 8am, later when my classes are later. I barely sleep on mid-terms and term exams. On the week ends it depends of my homeworks and on my girlfriend.
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Holidays is whenever my GF gives up and goes to sleep...usually about 2/3 am...

school night about 9/10