I think the title is pretty self explainitory...

A cab with a nice punchy mid-range would be ideal. I'm considering a 1960BV, but would like to weigh up the other options.


P.S. - I'm using Ruby Tube EL34's instead of the stock 6L6's just in case it helps with opinions.
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Go for the 1960BV. Good cab for a good price

Yeah, it's sort of on the top of the list so far. But i'm still unsure about whether to get a cab with vintage 30's or greenbacks.

Does anyone have experience with either/both of these?
V30's if you want more mids.

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Vader 4x12 straight.... sickest thing I have EVER heard.... other than a Koch powerdrive II with matched cab...but still....
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Basson Sound makes pretty kickass cabs.
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