dudes what string gauge would you recommend for standard d?? my friend just got an rg1527 (with bk pups) and wants to kno... he prefers the lower strings to be slightly tighter and the high strings to be lil looser..

the faster i find out for him, the faster ill be able to use his ax.. so plz help me!!!
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mabey a pack of regular 6 string set of heavy tops light bottoms, then get a singe string for the b string. something like a 70
ok he also wants to know what tunin and gauges guys like vai, petrucci, cooley, etc use too... any idea?
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Petrucci's 7 string:
Seven - 9,11,16,24,32,42,56

Thats way too light for standard D on a 7 string.

Try a heavy top-light bottom like said earlier with a 62 or 65 on the low B.

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vai and petrucci mainly use standard tuneing on the 7s. cooley alters his tuneings so i dont know much. i do know that under the infulence is a half step down.
Cooley uses Eb standard with the low Bb and GHS light strings, I guess just easier for him to shred on. For string guages Skinny top heavy bottom for sure and a 65 would be the optimum string for the low A.