I've been playing acousitc guitar for a few months and I'm slowly but surely getting better. Most of the songs I'm trying to learn don't sound great on it though, so I'm thinking of getting an electric. I start my new job next week so I am goin to treat myself at the end of June.
My budget is around £250, dont want to go higher than that. I'm trying to learn songs by bands such as The Strokes, Green Day, Radiohead, Clapton n a few others. I'm not really into anything too heavy, maybe learn some Metalica or Muse when I get better later down the line. I was looking at an Ibanez RG321MH, the reviews seem great and it is well under my budget, but I'm woried that it is a little to 'metal' for me.
Obviously I'm going to try them out before I buy one, but any recommendations of what I should be looking at will be a great help.

well, most of the time when we go through this process it helps if we know more about your personality? what do you like to do In your spare time other than guitar? are you outgoing or intraverted? how many hours do you practice. These are all things we'll need to know first.
for my first guitar i got a 'vintage' SG copy, and it was just right for the type of stuff your playing, not a terrible guitar and cost £180 i think.
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It looks like a strat would suit everything you play. Maybe a Squier Fat Strat?
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The RG321MH is fine.Besides that,you can consider an Epiphone G-400
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for the price, that ibanez RG321 far out plays any of these other options, a quick neck, solid mahoganny body, nothing complex about it, i say go for it
if you can get hold of one a greg bennet avion isnt to bad of a guitar and does the trick for cheap, and it sounds nice with a invader chucked into the bridge pickup, ahhh well solid for the price, was my first gtar and still use it 7 years on..haha
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A little too metal? I don't see anything that makes that guitar "metal".

Duly noted, but i think a B.C. Rich Beast might appear to be too metal
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for the price, that ibanez RG321 far out plays any of these other options, a quick neck, solid mahoganny body, nothing complex about it, i say go for it

the RG is a good guitar, but i do think it's too metal for something like clapton like the guy says he plays.

I would look at something like an epiphone SG, or a mexican strat, those will fit his musical style better i think
Wow, thanks for the quick replies guys, didnt expect so many.
I've narrowed it down to the Ibanez, Dean Avalanche One, Epiphone Les Paul Standard or the Vintage VHE100. I'll try them out if I can find them in a store near me and see which I feel is best.

Thanks again guys.