What do i need for it?

I keep seeing that it is a plugin. A plug in for what?

I've downloaded and installed it, but there is no launcher or .exe of any kind to be found!

confused :S

Btw, i have already tried to search, but i am unable to find a "how to".
I imagine its a set of VSTs so you'll need to get some software which can run VST instruments like cubase or nuendo
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Cubase or something like it...anything that runs vst or rtas

Yeah, I use Cubase. You need to install EZdrummer first. btbh, I don't think EZdrummer is that good unless you have a midi keyboard. Other than that you only drag the beats.
it might just be an rse engine component, you got guitar pro or anything like that? maybe even power tab *shudders*
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i have guitar pro Can i link it to that?

Having a little trouble finding a torrent for cubase.