I've been planning on getting 2 Avatar 2x12 cabs for awhile and now I have the means to finally get them.
I'll be getting both at 8ohms.

So my question is, what would be a good head for these cabs? There's no price limit really, something that would fill out these cabs nicely.
I just need some options really.
If you could suggest something for me it would be greatly appreciated.

Love the Low end
haha ok. Genre: Multiple really, ranging from contemperary(sp?) christian, jazz, to metal type stuff and some Fugazi-ish stuff.
I prefer SS but I'm not against Tube pre-amp/SS power amp setups.
Hmm, tone.. I like to change it up really so something with a slider eq would be great. I really like it to be warm, not boomy, with a sharp crisp edge, and some sparkling singing.
The only effects I use is a chorus.
And the budget is: up to $800 really at the most.

Love the Low end
If you want that kind of volume you should think about maybe a pair of 12s and then a subwoofer beneath it. It'll round out your sound.

If you have $800 for a head, you could go used and get an SVT-4 PRO if you're lucky, Ashdown, Markbass, Genz Benz, tons of stuff. Or, you could get a Carvin head and have 200 spare bucks.
You could get a markbass Little Mark 2. No slider but can sound modern and 'vintage'. When I played it it sounded good for metal. Listen to IndianRockStar a subwoofer would sound great with 12's.