It's time for me to purchase a new guitar this summer. I want a guitar that's good for fast playing (metal and shred). Here's what i want from it:
- good stock pups, so i dont have to change em
- low action (neck thru?)
- cost: about 500 euros
- a good tremolo system (e.g. OFR) or NO trem (i dont want any edge IIIs or LFRs)

I think a thin neck would also be best for playing fast.

I've been thinking of Ibanezes but i've heard that their stock pups aren't the best.

Maybe Jackson?
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id go try a ibanez prestiege s series 24 fret zr tremelo witch is amazing low action wizzard 2 neck and plays amazing the pickups arnt the best but i dont have any problem with them they are verry versital only thing id chage them with would b 81 85 or a jazz in the bridge and a full shred in treb
jacksons tend to be pretty good
come stock with Duncans, just depends on how much you spend on the guitar, cause with the as the quality of the guitar rises, so does the quality of the pickups
i personally use a jackson, been playing it a few years, and am looking into a soloist
also, most jacksons have a trem system, but again, as quality goes up, you go from licensed floyds to original floyds.....and most models come as string-thrus if the licensed trem isnt your flavor
so, i'd recommend jackson
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