I decided to do something simple, instead of trying to something epic.

The solo sucks now that I listen to it again, it's more of a finished demo type thing. But it will definatley go through some changes later on.

So that's where y'all come in. I need some feedback

The GP5 file was done with v.5.2 so, if you don't have GP5.2 I've included a GP4 file aswell.
Privacy Policy.zip
It's alright, I have to say slightly boring. Lyrics would aid it I think.

I don't like the pause before the solo, where there's just no sound.

Think it has potential though don't get me wrong.

Sorry to be critical I feel bad now..
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nice. heavy stuff like this usually sounds crap in midi, its hard to visualise in real sound.
the chorus riff reminded me of Slipnots Before I Forget. This is good. Before i forget has some wicked double bass drum stuff- give it a look on guitar pro. I think your chorus could do with some upbeat headbangin mosh beats bein thumped out of those tubs. That would
make the whole ting goooooooooooooooooooooood.
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