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Ok, Ive got three guitars scheduled in the wait list, and its nearly time to start them. One is being designed by my assistant, so the specs are up to him to decide. The other is going to be something i feel like making. The third guitar however, will be either totally designed, or at least heavily inspired by someone else. That person could be YOU.

Who? I dont know... you up for it?
Why? Because we can
When? Soon, for completion near xmas, maybe early new year.
How? Watch baby! Build thread on this forum, maybe some video too.
What? Anything, its a total open slate, no holds barred, anything goes.

So, get your ideas out there, and be in the running to see your ideas built. There is no prize (I will prolly send you a shirt or hoodie or something) other than the glory of saying you had a part in designing it. Of course, this guitar will be for sale, and the winning entry will get the first option to purchase (at a discounted price). There is no obligation to buy.

There are no limits. If you want to see something crazy, go for it! Maybe we'll run a vote at the end, from a smaller list of contenders. Maybe we'll just choose one stand out design.

Pretty simple huh? If you think a reverse flying V with pink and purple checkerboard graphic and neon flashing lights as inlays sounds great, post that up If you think a more classic design with simple inlays is the way to go, tell me all about it.

The RULES (there has to be some):
1. No 'replicas'. Im not building a copy of a guitar thats already out there.
2. Nothing offensive.
3. No text. The guitar will not have anything written on it, other than my logo.
4. Unlimited entries, so dont hold back.
5. Designs can be a detailed description, and/or an image.
6. Keep it short an sweet. One or two paragraphs and no more than three photos.
7. Entries must be in this thread.

You've got TWO WEEKS (until June 11th) until entries close.

Some factors you need to take into account:
1. I build solid body electrics. Chambers are cool, but acoustic and hollow body guitars arent my thing. Im simply not interested. Feel free to post them up, but we wont be building those style of guitars.
2. Anything goes, but the guitar is ultimately for sale. Keep that in mind before you add a quirky feature maybe only you'll like.
3. I wont copy another brands headstock. Feel free to post pictures of other headstocks, but we will use something else in the end.
4. You'll get extra points for using the model names of my shapes, rather than what other companies call them (eg: VS versus STRAT).
5. If you havent taken the time to type up the specs list, im not going to take the time to think about what you have proposed. Fair enough?
6. The specs are unlimited, but my budget isnt. Remember, this guitar is going to be sold at the end. I dont have a particular budget in mind, but a $3000 guitar is easier to sell than a $6000 one.

Perry Ormsby

Pevious builds:
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Singlecut Semi-Hollowbody
Body: Mahogany
Top: Quilted Bubinga
Finish: Natural
Pickups: 2 Seymour Duncan P-Rails with Coil Split, Piezos in bridge, and Roland Synth pickup

Just might be the most versatile guitar ever.

The rest can be left up to you .
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6 string bass
neck through wenge with padauk stringers and ebony fretboard
35" scale
24 frets
shark inlays (i love those)
flame maple wings
humbucker bridge pickup
single coil middle pickup
single coil neck pickup
3 band active EQ with parametric mids, blend for the neck and middle pickups, master volume for neck and middle and seperate volume for humbucker
body shape based on a fender jaguar bass but smaller
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i'll drop something in later, when i'll get less ripped off
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Some what like the "ss" you build ( the purply candy one) but w.o the taylor rose inlays, use trap inlays or just do something crazy. Mahagony as the back wood and quilt maple as the top. mahogany as the neck wood and 24 fret rosewood board.

Then two volume, one tone, P-90 at the neck and something from dunan at the bridge.

Then do a sunburst w. light blue as the base color and darker blue into a very little black at the out side edge.

Also throw a FR on it just for fun. ....

yea...thts my dream guitar....except for the finish....idk what kind of finish id love but that ones close.

Semi-acoustic RR shaped Body
Quilted Maple uhmm Topi guess
Mahogony soundblock (what is it called)
Mahogony Sides And back
Hard tail tune-o matic bridge
Duncan Custom Paf Pickups with gold covers
2 volume one tone
Ignore the headstock cant do any other
Mahogony neck with ebony fretboard
Locking tuners
Vintage V-100, EMG 81&60
Chapman ML-1

Jet City JCA20H
How about something like this?:

I think the pictures speak for themselves really but in case you haven't worked it out it's a southern ash body in trans blue, rosewood neck with purpleheart fingerboard and of course black hardware. Very nice eh? (obviously with different inlays since that would look a lot better and keep within the rules of no text)

25" scale as well.

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Scale Length: 25-1/2in
Body style: Strat/ Soloist
Body: alder/burl maple top
Finish: dark amder sun burst finish
Neck Construction: set thru (deep set neck)
Neck wood:3 piece maple
Fingerboard: Bird's eye maple with black binding
Headstock: strat style with black binding.. match fingerboard
inlays: Iron cross
Frets: 24 XJ
Hardware: chrome
tuners: grover

bridge: Floyd rose w/ locking nut
controls: 1vol with push/pull for series/ parallel
1 3-way pickup selector
bridge: Fishman VS-50P Powerbridge Pickup with LSR rolling nut and locking tuners
Controls: 1vol with push/pull for series/ parallel
1 3-way pickup selector
Fishman Powerchip (vol for power bridge)
on/off mini switch for power bridge

so it would look like this:
body style.JPG
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Borrowing your layout Achiles

Scale: 25-1/2in
Body style: Carved-top Soloist with deep carve on the lower heel
Body: Chambered Mahogany w/Quilted maple top
Finish: Natural Gloss
Neck Construction: Neck-thru/set-thru/set-neck/bolt-on, whatever tickles you
Neck wood: Birdseye maple w/volute, clear satin finish
Fingerboard: Ebony
Headstock: Reverse Telecaster (or anything 6 in-line reverse with straight string pull), Quilted maple veneer to match the body
Inlays: 2 small offset dots @ the 12th fret
Frets: 22 6105
Hardware: Black
Tuners: Schaller Locking
Bridge: Stop tail piece/TOM
Pickups: EMG 81 (Bridge), EMG SA (Neck)
Controls: Single Volume and 3-way toggle

Kinda like this...

...only a little different.
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soloist body shape, made with mahogany with Birdseye maple caved top. for the finish to do a clear dark blueish purple.

for the neck and 25.5 scale 24 jumbo frets, Maple/mahogany/Maple Laminate, neck thru, ebony Fingerboard (stained or non stained)
for the head stock

but do it reversed.
idea for the inlays, (do the first heptagram, it sometimes is use as a symbol of perfection)

for the picks up do a Humbucker in the bridge and a single in the neck

for the bridge use a Wilkinson trem, all hardware in chrome
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maho body
22/4 fret neck
25.5 scale
tune o matic
rosewood fretboard
abalone dot inlays
jackson dk2 2008
hamer xt sunburst qt
epiphone g400
peavey vk212
morley p wah
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dige bm
big muff ny
behringer dc 9 comp
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Hey guys, this is not to be a clone of some other guitar, it says so in the rules. So you can almost say that kisekae and the jackson guitar builder is out. Make something yourself on paper.
i think a king V with an engraved tribal design would work well, about 1cm deep, perhaps a little spikier on the sides of the crpa ms paint of it(i can draw on paper..)

perhaps some cool airbrushed design on the back.

its predominantly a metal design so maby some dragon inlay?

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This is a guitar design based on the infamous Explorer 90 design by Gibson.


27 frets(not fanned), XJ.
Ebony fret board with neck through neck.
Pickups of the customer's choice.
Wood of the customer's choice.
Kahler tremolo.
Sustainer system and controls
Vol/tone/3 way switch controls

The original design is on the left although the updated one is on the right.
Purple string dampener scrunchy.
I've yet to see an actaully acoustic from you, Ormsby. So I think you should do an electric/acoustic with preamp and all. I could be wrong, but I think an acoustic build would be pretty sweet. And also, still use like a flame top and stain it an such.

EDIT: Maybe some engraving or mosaic?
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ooh...go with GMP211's idea perry!

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Can make a Heav'n of Hell, a Hell of Heav'n"

- John Milton, Paradise Lost
Make a carved top SG...

-It's the Sg shape, but with a Les Paul top
-Maple neck with your sig. inlays (Tapered, of course)
-Set neck
-SD JB/Jazz or JB/59 Pup Combo
-Wraparound bridge
-4x2 headstock design (Like the Musicman guitars 4 left 2 right)
-Quilted Maple top on Maghogany body
-Purple>Green Burst (Purple on outside, green centre) or swap purple with Blue
-2 Vol 2 Tone (coil tapped)
-Recessed jack in back of body
-Chrome or Gold Hardware
-No Pickguard
Fender Jaguar > effects (x9) > Orange AD5


THE EUNEIROPHRENIAC σƒ τλε τρπ βπστλεπλσσδ

Volume/tone knobs like this: (or is that copying?)

Tuning pegs on the 'down side' so you don't play with spaghetti-strings in drop-tunings (if you go with a '6-in-line tuning-pegs style').
I don't know about copying but that is certainly new to me.

Who makes that?!?
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Hmm I will have to post one after school. Just gta ride to school now. Awesome idea ormsby.
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ok then well my idea is

so a ricken backer bass with a clear wood and wood like this

with a neck through neck so you have those wood strips
and flashy leds all around the edge with no pickguard and a whammy bar and a jazz bass pickup in the bridge position along with the other two and a switch so you can select them in different orders like the stu hamm urge 2 and you you sir ormsby can chose 4, 5, 6 string as a treat

i went a bit over board but there it is and i like it!!
bye all
Strat body shape.
Mahogany or Alder body.
Quilt Maple laminate top (just for cosmetics).
HSH with volume and tone controls, with a coil tap for the neck and bridge pups. This is on a pickguard that has the maple top around it (pickguard is screwed on, then maple is glued on around it-dunno if it would be feasible, but it would look cool).
Duncan Full Shred bridge pickup, Duncan SSL-52 middle, Duncan SH2 neck
Wilkinson/floyd/Kahler bridge
Neck: Bolt on maple/walnut/maple 24 fret with med.jumbo frets, ebony FB, and the customers choice of inlays. 3-a-side head stock with straight string pull, a bone or graphite nut, and Sperzel tuners.
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Soloist/RG style body
Mahogany body
Maple top
Purple finish/Wine Red (you choose)
Maple Neck
Maple Fretboard
24 Jumbo frets
OFR in silver
Mirror finish pickguard
How about this:

7 string Superstrat shape
Neck thru
Brazillian Rosewood neck with Ebony laminates
Brazillian Rosewood body wings
Ebony board with bell brass frets
Carved Spalted maple or Maple burl top with matching back and headstock
Matching cavity covers and maple wooden knobs
Some custom wound pickups (like in the multiscale) H-S-S or H-S config with matching maple covers (preferably from the top wood also)
Gold Locking Sperzels
Gold String-thru body bridge
Graph Tech Piezos with preamp - Dual outputs
Recessed straplocks
High gloss natural finish (Oil I guess)

Alternatively you could use Ebony or African blackwood for the top for extra OTT points.

My basic idea is just to go as crazy as possible on wood, maybe you could try building something completely out of wood from a particular country. eg all brazillian rosewood and mahogany. or Ebony and African Blackwood.
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Idea One!
A 1936 Gibson L-4 style archtop, that kinda body shape.
Ebony Fretboard with a block at the 12th fret.

Solid spruce top, figured maple back and sides.
Rosewood bridge, open back tuners.
"Iced tea" kinda burst.
Two F-Holes.
with a dog-ear P-90 in the neck.

Idea 2?

A carved top V, with a flame top, in a deep orange, but instead of your inlays here - the vine inlayshere, I think that would look great.
-Ebony Fretboard, abalone inlays.
-Inlay the top of the body, from around the controls up towards the bridge (unless that is going over the top a bit...).

That's all I can think about really...

And thanks Perry, this is a great thread. It's like the kisekae competitions but with purpose.


Damn, you won't make acoustics! Ah well!
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Gibson Flying V body, with a mellower Dean headstock.
All rosewood neck.
Transparent blue ash body, with black grain filler.
White pickguard.
Floyd Rose or Kahler bridge.
Gold hardware.
24 frets.
Two gold covered humbuckers.
BC Rich style electronics.
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An idea ive been kicking around.

This classic esp's body contours, gloss black finish, inlay around all edges but instead of typical mop or abalone, in malachite or another vivid green reclaimed stone
and its body would be a mix of the esp shape and this maverick f3's

with internal sideways knerled knobs.

the internal knobs could be produced just with standard external ones.
and the malachite i know is readily available from quite a few suppliers using the same dimensions as a standord mop sheet

hardwarewise, it'd be purely on your speculation to what would suit this guitar, custom humbuckers are a plus. a floyd might ruin the beauty of the body by taking the attention away from it but a multiscale project might just give it that extra ormsby touch but then after the other one your probably in the mood for something different. im quite partial to a seven string but then either way would be nice.

and tonewoodwise, well your the master, but it needs to have a heavy warmth to it, and it needs to be stocky enough to bring forward this sound and to give enough depth behind the front's contours (if that makes sense). the neck should not be a skinny wizard (it shouldnt be a super shredder) or a fat lp style but somewhere in the middle. this guitar would need to play beautifully and have good resonance to go with its character. so an ebony fretboard would do the final trick... and go with the black gloss.

also perry, what sander do you use to contour your guitar bodies? i know its a palm sander but i cant figure out whether its a random orbital or a rotary sander. thanks

edit: i see someone else likes the maverick knobs too! +!
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Mockingbird Body
Gibsonish- 3+3 Headstock
Mahogany Body
Mahogany Neck
Neck-thru design
Overall thickness should be the same as a Les Paul with 3/4 inch Quilted Maple cap
Ebony Fretboard
Mother Of Pearl PRS moon inlays with the buyer/designers name at the 12th fret(I guess this violates the no text rule, so just 2 moon dots if you don't like it)
24 Frets
2 tone, 2 volume(Les Paul layout with the pickup selector above the Neck pickup)
Gibson 500T Bridge pickup with push push coil tap
Dmarzio PAF Pro Neck pickup with push pull coil tap
White binding up fretboard and around front and back edge of body
Tobacco Burst
Neck should be same color as body

Thats probably the most perfect guitar I could imagine. Simple and elegant, plus mockingbirds rock XD
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I like it a lot

Similar color to the shark stain, a little darker
Quilted Maple Top
Gold Hardware
24 Frets Neck Through
Birdseye Maple Fretboard
Block Inlays (any shell ex: abalone, mop etc...)
Natural Wood Binding
Seymour Duncan SHR-1 Hot Rail Stacked Single Coil Pickup in the Neck
Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB Humbucker Pickup in the Bridge
Matching color stained headstock (quilted maple also)[couldnt do on kisekae]
2 Volume, 1 Tone control, 3 way switch between neck on, both on, bridge on
Gold OFR
3 per side headstock
Body shape is somewhat of a rounder GG7 signature (wider and more curvy- only way to describe it)
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heres my idea:

body: Ormsby SS body shape natural mahogany back, red flame top.
neck: flamed maple with rosewood stripe
fretboard:flamed maple died red like the body.
Frets: 30 or closest extreme number
pickups: nice snug emg 707s or duncan blackout with no pickup surrounds
inlay: white orbs
bridge: floyd rose or kahler

maybe fanned fret also, if not a baritone length would be nice.

body: Jerry Garcia Tribute ash or alder core, figured walnut top and back
neck: flame maple, ebony stripe, flame maple, gibson style headstock
fretboard: ebony
pickups: lipstick pickups or some vintage PAF's
inlay: something small yet classy
bridge: tune-o-matic-esque
finish: natural
Here's my design:

Mahogany Body w/ Burst Finish (antigua)
22 Frets, Rosewood with Natural Finish and binding
Abalone Gibson Styled Inlays
HSS config with - Bare Knuckle Nailbomb in bridge, and two Lace Alumitones in middle and neck
Mahogany neck, with white binding
Ibanez EDGE Tremolo System w/ Floyd Locking Bridge
Gold Hardware, Kluson (or whatever) Gold REVERSE Tuners

That's about it for now.
Which is nicer, body binding or no?

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Quote by metallicafan616
ooh...go with GMP211's idea perry!

QFT!! lol

Nah i figured an acoustic, mosaic, or engraving is something you really haven't done extensively, and either would look excellent!
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Ok fellas, good stuff so far. Keep them coming.

Ive editted the original post, to add a couple suggestions. Worth going back to read it.

Couple PM's, i'll address them here:
Do you get to choose the woods etc if you win?
If you are buying the guitar, yes, absolutely. If not, no. This is a design competition which i though would be a bit of fun. I probably wont follow the winning design to the exact specs, but use it as a rough guide.

Perry Ormsby

Pevious builds:
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