title changed from "Mahogany from dining table" to "Where to get free or cheap wood"

My original question was
People are always throwing old dinning tables out. Can I use the mahogany from an old dining table to make an acoustic guitar (back and sides)
...and I got a few response that I can. This started me thinking.. where can I get the cheapest wood possible, given that this is just a hobby and I don't want to fork out loads of cash for good quality wood until I can make a decent guitar - I want to do a few dry runs first.

So I'm changing the topic to where to get free or cheap wood

1. Freecycle. Find your local freecycle group and use an old mahogany dining or coffee table that someone wants to get rid of for the back and sides of an acoustic.

2... Any more ideas?
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my aunt has a friend who uses the wood from coffee tables and such to make guitars
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hmm... I hadn't thought of that...