Well I bought a fujitsu 2.5 HDD and an enclosure for it. I put the hard drive in, made sure the connections were good and plugged it into my PC's usb port. Then nothing. It hasnt appeared in My Computer or anything. The enclosure is Plug and Play so I dont know whats the matter. The power light on the enclosure is on so its getting power but I cant hear anything inside.

Anyone got any ideas on how to fix it?

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Try a different port and a different cable. Get the easy stuff out of the way first. Are you getting an icon on your desktop that says you connected a USB device? Also, did the directions say anything about installing a driver? Just because it's "plug and play" doesn't mean Windows will automatically have a driver for it.
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tried all the ports on my PC and still nothing.

Theres no Icons or pop ups that would normally appear if I plug in my my SD card reader or anything else that needs USB.
I got a driver CD but the installer wont work. That as well, does nothing when you double click on the setup. Courser has the busy icon for a few seconds then goes back to normal.

The enclosure also doesnt have a "name" on it so I cant find any other drivers. because I cant find a company name.

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Have you tried searching for drivers for it on the Internet instead of installing them from a disc?
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Have you tried searching for drivers for it on the Internet instead of installing them from a disc?

The enclosure doesnt have a company name on it so its gonna be pretty hard finding drivers for something that I dont know the maker of.

As for the hard drive its self The fujitsu website doesnt have any drivers, only diagnostic tools.

I am the administrator of this pc too

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Your PC is an idiot!

Get a driver off the google
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Ahhhh I have figured out the problem. I think it may be that my Enclsoure only supports up to 120gb drives while I have a stonking 320gb one.

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