My band has a gig coming up and it's our first full hour set, thing is, we have about 45 mins worth of original songs. What covers would you recommend?

We're into most rock bands 60's onwards. We'd like to play something that we think everybody would know, commercial stuff. We're already doing I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor by The Arctic Monkeys.

Blink-182 would be a good choice

girl at the rock show, or another upbeat and famous that everyone know and can get into.

hope you have a good show
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arctic monkeys arent really that well known...

just do some powerchord rock
blink 182
green day
all that jazz

an easy way to find music that everyone knows
look at guitar hero 3 or rockbands set lists.
and choose songs from there

ppl now all know those songs thanks to those games.
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add that:
jimi hendri exp covers

all you need...
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sum 41
green day
my chem
its all pretty easy except for my chem but its all pretty well known depending on what songsyou choose
Play a couple really famous songs that people could sing along to, like Hey Jude or something.

Also, If you have a keyboardist, Won't Get Fooled Again is pretty famous and fun to play, If you don't have time to learn the whole thing, just learn the chords and the solo.
hmmm all the same by sick puppies always pleases crowds and can be as rocking as you make it, have a look at some muse, depending on the audience it usually gets a good reception (time is running out, for the ladies haha) ummm.... rise against is doable just rhythm it up haha,
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I think Blink-182, Green Day (early stuff), Ramones & Cream are your best bet. Might be able to adapt a +44 song. Depends on what your influences are really.
Hope the gig goes well (Y)
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arctic monkeys arent really that well known...

That's because you're in America, and he's in England. Over here they are *big*, and that song gets played in pretty much every club, bar, and gets covered loads. Believe me, it'll be popular.

To back up what's already been said, Cream, Hendrix, you could probably cover Mr Brightside if you wanted something really popular (guitar part's not easy, though), Smoke on the Water is doable with guitar/bass/drums/vocals, there's probably some Beatles stuff you could manage...shouldn't be too hard.
I'm in a three piece band, and we purposely try to cover 4 or 5 piece bands, and then do our own arrangements, which isn't that hard (at least for us-we have fantastic chemistry). Songs are still very recognizeable, but you put your own stamp on them.

Oh, and rocked-out country covers always go over.
Maybe some ACDC, Airbourne or even The Wombats (really simple but everyone loves them) even though their not rock but more indie it would go down well. But if not try Ramones, Green Day, Blink 182, +44, Sum 41 are all great ides