Hi guys,

I've just won a VC30 112 with a greenback and JJ tubes for £200 on ebay. However, it has no reverb tank. I want to try the tank from my fender princeton in it, however I'm a bit wary of impedances and such like. So, I'd appreciate it if some people who own these could look at their tanks and tell me what input and output impedances I need, so I can see if the one from the fender matches. If the Laney's is an accutronics one then maybe this site will help you to identify them - click on the pictures for details about the numbering schemes etc:


thanks a lot for any help you can provide.

the one in my VC15 is right at the bottom and needs a little bit of desmantling to get at it, also you'd have to rip the tolex off it too =/

laney thread is about laneys, also
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