As far as what I currently own, I consider them pretty much all favorites, but if I had to dump all but one or two....

I'd have to say my Schecter Blackjack ATX FR, and my Fender Special Edition Custom HH Telecaster.


I'd probably dive back into the dump and retrieve my Hellraiser and Fender Dlx Players Strat though....

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I like the Telecaster im getting VERY soon. I just generally love fenders. But if I had a choice of a 'dream' guitar I'd get a 1957 Gibson Les Paul JR.
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Roland Cube 30X
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The Manson custom made for Matt Bellamy
Quote by ChristianE
which one?

all of em. But especially the M1-D1
Fender Telecaster HH FMT, I wish I could afford one of those
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My favorite guitar I own is my ESP Eclipse II Standard. Favorite guitar I wish I had: Gibson Les Paul Silverburst. $$$$$$
my favorite guitar in the whole world is my Jackson KV1

it is the best guitar in the entire universe.
My Razorback. Its so smooth. And shiny.
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My esp ex-400 *thinks to self with a dreamy look*, love is so beautiful
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ESP EX-400
Roland Cube-15
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Home made 2x12 loaded with celestion G12t-100s

I guess a Jackson KE2 and a PRS Standard 24
Ibanez SA160QM
Laney HCM10
Squier Bullet Strat
MXR Carbon Copy
Zoom Tri Metal
Modtone Flanger(mini)
Korg Pitchblack
Timtone acoustic
Currently I'm looking at one of these:

The CV Panther signature....

Multi colour swirl and pickups, no tone control, maple fretboard and a reversed headstock.
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I personally love the Ibanez RGA321F Prestige model. Excellent neck, and good feel.