are there any experts here?

i have shrooms growing in my front yard in the fertilizer.

i need to kno if theyre magic or not
OK, first off, take it to the drug thread, we have people in there that can help you.

Second of all, you NEVER PICK YOUR OWN SHROOMS psilocybin containing mushrooms look almost identical to lethal mushrooms, even people who have had years of training in such areas can make mistakes.

So, I'm gonna *report* this, speak to the drug thread.
Best thing to do is assume their not magic, you'll live longer. If your front garden isn't a known spot for shrooms, then their probably not and will most likely make you very ill
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drug thread, and I suggest against picking wild shrooms, because a lot of psilocybe strains look a lot like death caps. if you really want some cheap, then order spores and grow them yourself.

and yeah drug thread.
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Awesome! Eat them and come back here and tell us what happen and if you have the same experience as Jack Black in the movie Tenacious D Then totally Awesome!

Go do it now!