Are there any epiphone les paul jr with set neck? I want one but with a set neck. I remember seeing a 57' re-issue that had one.

Are there any others?
Near all epiphone necks are set neck, so any epi LP junior should work
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Only epi junior I can find is the really cheap special and yea its a bolt neck. Might have to try gibson.
All the Epi ones that are still being made are bolt-ons.
Vintage make a LP Jr copy that is a hybrid bolt-on, i.e. it's made as if it'll be glued (set-neck) but it actually uses very impossibly tight fitting bolts instead of glue. It gets the full wood contact of the bolt-on with the stability and fret access of the set-neck, it's pretty good. The only downside is it uses an angled humbucker pickup which is a bitch to replace.
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yeah I think its the 57 reissue..
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