I Really don't know what to think about this . . .

See, theres this girl I've been talking to for well on 4 years now. I've seen her like 4 times in person, but never alone. She tells me she likes me like every time her and I talk, which is just about every day. Anyway, recently, I've been trying to make the drive out to go see her, since she only lives a couple towns over. But, every time I get the chance, she claims she gets nervous, and makes some excuse as to why its not a good time to go over.

Another thing that gets on my nerves. . She won't ever pick up the phone when I call. She did yesterday for the first time, but that conversation was short lived. We were still making plans to see each other that day. And when I hung up the phone, I told her that I'd give her a call when I made it back to my house. Well, I hadn't spoken to her again.

I'm almost thinking of just giving up talking to her. Its almost perfectly clear that she doesnt want to see me, tho her reasons are that shes too nervous. But yet she still swares that she likes me. Maybe its just a game? Idk. Any ideas? >.<
I had a hard time with the relationships thread a while back.

My sympathys man
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Once I was pissing in my friend when a few had I'd and my sink wtf goes in and walked.
+1 to the relationship thread...

would you describe her as being pretty? if she isnt then maybe she's just self concious about how she looks and doesnt want you to say something.
Maybe she has a boyfriend.
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