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Nice guitar. But i really don't like the V shape, it's the most unpractical designs ever made.
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honestly, i have a weird love for flying v's. i think they're fairly cliche for metal, but when i see other guitarists from different genre's use them i like them.
cheers, mate! hope you like it.
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post pics of your gear thread???

ok guitar btw... I've always been a fan of white flying Vs
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i find it suprisingly good to play, obviously sitting down isnt as easy but i wouldnt say it was impossible to get a comfotable position which doesnt inhibit yor playing. This one is made of alder and i think it makes it sound kind of sharper than mahogony which is what im used to previously
in the last photo, what is the guitar on the far right? I didnt see it (or the nice V) in your list of gear?
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Quote by Mescalino
Nice guitar. But i really don't like the V shape, it's the most unpractical designs ever made.

If you know how to wear it properly it's very practical, you can have the neck pointing right up into the sky without it dropping
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Also did you use a camera phone or something?
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Looks good but i bet that it looks far better in real life. I always liked vintage white.
I don't really like the Flying V Shape, I've tried them and I find them uncomfortable to hold and use.

My favourite is the EX Series LTD Shape, or the Pre-Lawsuit ESP Explorers.

Olympic white ftw.
I love the colour and overall look. I'm not exactly a know-it-all guitar connoisseur so I won't talk about it being uncomfortable or blah blah blah. All I have to say is it looks great, you've got good taste.