I am a body man. I just figured i would post this to maybe answer some of the more common refinishing questions i have heard people talk about on here. And, since pictures are worth a thousand words, here goes!

heres what I started out with the second time around.

wet sand ONLY! i used 400 all the way. sand until you get previous paint job off, and sand the clearcoat on original paint until you see nothing shiny. Example:

I don't see the point in going any further, but make sure the paint you are going to use wont react with the paint that is under it. do this by taking the reducer pour a bit on a rag, and wipe onto the original finish. if the original finish starts to wrinkle, you are either going to have to use a different kind of paint, or sand it all the way down to the wood.
You should be ready for primer.

most flash times (time between coats) are about 5-10 minutes. if you do a really wet, heavy coat, try 15-20 minutes. you dont want to run the paint. I like to sand the primer after 3 coats to get all of the orange peel out of it, but dont go too far. if you do, and you can see the original color through the primer, reprime. if not, you are ready to mix up the base coat! hehe

first coat laid down

remember, dont try to go for complete coverage the first and second coats. just work on getting it even. even is key.
second coat:

and third coat:

some people do 4-5 coats, i usually only do 3. personal preference.

clear: i always do 4 wet coats. gives enough of a layer to sand and buff if needed.

finished product:

Hope I helped some of you.
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Looked better before :P the brown looks horrible to me...

it's orange not brown. and i think the pics don't do it much justice.
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sweet. i'd like it better with racing stripes. just my opinion.