im scared to mess it up
i love this guitar more than most things i just kinda dont like the color so much


id want it more this color

how could I go about doing this?
is it possible without messing it up?
ive done solid color refinishes before, tons of em.
but never something like this...
you could take it apart sand the paint off and repaint it the color you want...the olny thing is if you dont know what ur doing u could ruin it :/ if i were u i'd just leave it.. it looks great the way it is.=D
I'm assuming this would be your first refinishing job, and if so I really wouldn't recommend trying it on something you like so well. The problems most apparent are that you'd need to sand down the clear coat and remove the stain without going through what I have to assume is something like a flame maple top, which is made difficult by the fact that it will be fractions of an inch thick. I again, really don't recommend you trying to refinish a staining job on a semi-hollow until you have some experience under your belt.
get it done professionally
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yeah, you can do it and it's not hard, just time consuming. But I really really do not recomend you do it to that axe. Why would you take away a beautiful finish like that? It's madness.
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i think it looks great like that
would look grat with a sun burst finish too though
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yeah sunburst wouldnt be so bad either
but i really love that burgundy/brown thing goin on with the hagstrom

yeah guys it wouldnt be my first refinishing job, not by any means
but the thing is ive always done solid colors, never anything as elaborate as a flamed/quilted maple top (which as mentioned by someone above, is what this is, a quilted maple top w/ mahogany back and sides)
I was told by a friend that the wood looks normal under the finish, that its just the clear coats that give it the quilted look.
is this true?
^It's definitely the wood thats quilted, not the paint.

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im not gonna do this but theoretically
if i just sand off the finish and stain, say, a watered down black or any other color.
would the quilt of it show through?
because if so, I have a stain + poly urethane mix I could try on it.
I've used it on acoustics and it comes out pretty nice
Isnt stain absorbed into the wood? Wouldnt sanding that much off mess up the tone (slightly allbeit, but since everyone on here seems to have the ears of Eric Johnson)
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im scared to mess it up...

ive done solid color refinishes before, tons of em.
but never something like this...
then DO "something like this". but do it to a beater guitar for experience.
if it comes out well, then do it on your "baby". if not ...
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