Hey there people, we are an up and coming Manchester band, we play forward thinking heavy-as-**** music with a wide variety of influences, we are really starting to get going as a band, its exciting!

Anyhow, we asked our original vocalist to leave as he wasnt really fitting in, so we are searching for someone new to bring something special to the band! We would prefer someone with at least some experience, and obviously with real talent and charisma, we are a damn good band!

You need to be based in Manchester, be 20+, be committed and be able to drink your body weight in alcobeer. Well, thats not necessary, but it'll happen. Our myspace is in my sig, or just reply here, cheers!
Diezel, Motherfucker
hey i think im interested

liking the stuff
im 17 from manchester
i do from more guttural screams to all the giga low end stuff, dont know if that suits you or what,
i have expierience playing live and am more than capable of rocking the **** out lol

if your interested give me a shout