New member here and wanted to jump in on the discussion. Im currently in studio working on my first album. I have an acoustic version of a song up on myspace and would love feedback


The song has two versions - the studio version is a big rock sound vs the acoustic version it started out as on myspace. The bigger version to come out later this summer.
First impression is good, but i think vocals need a little work in terms of finding the right pitch faster. Its a good start, and you can sing with that voice, just maybe need a little more confidence in the notes. Thats my advice, take what you will from it
nah its kewl - thx on the vocals. i will take all that as a compliment actually. that was recorded in my bedroom so im very hopeful they will come out better when i have some assistance. ive been performing a lot in the past 6 months (severl times a week) and getting a lot more comfortable in the studio. hopefully that will all come across in the final product.

thx for replying at all - breaking in on a new forum can be tricky