Hey, UG, I've had my Mexi-HSS Strat for a few months now, and I still have the factory strings (except the D and B), the B snapped off from an over-ambitious bend, and the D just came slack when I was using a heavy pick during a jam session. I don't exactly remember what the brand was that I replaced the D string with, it had blue steel in the name, I believe. Replaced the B string with a fender silver bullet (pretty sure that's the factory strings' brand anyway).

Anyway, I'm looking to change all of them out, because right now, the tone is AWFUL, the strings sound way too tinny, and yes, I've adjusted the action.

Any string reccomendations? Most of the electric guitar I play is blues/blues rock
D'Addario, Ernie Ball, Dean Markley, and GHS are all good strings.
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Fender strings are horrible. Talked to a guy that worked at the Fender factory and he said they are the worst you can buy. I've used Ernie Ball for 2 years now and haven't tried anything else because they are good. I have a Highway One Strat and a Schecter
Ernie Ball Super Slinkys will let u do those bends!! i also like DR strings aswell.
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I've used Ernie Ball for 2 years now and haven't tried anything else because they are good.

How do you know if they are good if you haven't tried anything else.

I've tried loads of companies but D'Addario wipes the floor with all the others.
I've tried several, my favorites (in order most favorite to least favorite but all of these are good) Ernie Ball Power Slinkies (the other gauges are good too), Dean Markley Blue Steels, Kerly Kues and DR Tite Fits
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ghs boomers are my strings now, they're good, I change them about once a month usually. I use them because they sound good, are easily available at my local music store, and are cheap.
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