Explain why you were given the name you have and if it has any meanings or significance

Well my name is Petrina...
My mother had a dream about my name when she was expecting me, when she woke up she knew she had to call me that...
Oh and it is also a name of a small town in greece.. (well my mother didnt know that when she named me)

My chinese name 原而珍 means precious treasure ... lol yeah

edit:yes I do realise the thread title is supposed to say "your" instead of "you"
forgive me ...its late here..
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Name Danny
Reason My dad is called Danny
Originates from Hebrew
Meaning God is my judge
I was named after my father. Simple as that lol. Oh and my middle name is my dads youngers brothers name. Paul, Keith
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Samuel, they liked it and my middle name John is my Dad's name, and also my Grandad's name
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Well i think it was liek my great grandpa's name or some relative...My name is Andrew
Alexander - my mum's dad who died when he was 26's name (and when she was 6).

Don't actually like it, shorten it to Alex, but my immediate family insist on Alexander.
My parents wanted a kid that didn't have the same name as everyone else, but not a stupid name like Starshinka. (<---name of girl i went to HS with)
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My parents wanted a kid that didn't have the same name as everyone else, but not a stupid name like Starshinka. (<---name of girl i went to HS with)

LOL starshinka LOL!!!!
Matthew, named after the apostle
No one calls me that, it offends me. We'll just stick with Matt.
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Name Mikko
Reason Famous Olympic Runner with same first and last name
Originates from Finnish for Michael
Meaning Like God
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cos my parents liked it
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Name: Eduardo
Reason: Apparently my dad wanted to name me some other name, my mom said "hell no" and she named me.
Meaning: Rich Guardian
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cos my parents liked it

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Name Danny
Reason My dad is called Danny
Originates from Hebrew
Meaning God is my judge

name: Danny
reason: my grandad was called danny

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My name is Danny. Call me that.
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It's been in the family a long time.
Derives from Persian word meaning "treasure keeper".
Something biblical, which makes no sense because my family has consisted of atheists for ages.
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My dad liked it. All of you guys have cool reasons.
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First name: Catherine
Reason: None that im aware of

Middle Names: (shorten to) Maggi Lou
Reason: After each of my grans

Catherine: From the Greek meaning Pure
REASON: My grandmother always wanted a girl, and she got stuck with 4 boys; so my parents decided to let her pick my name.
ORIGINATES:The bible story of Abraham and Sarah
MEANING: Princess
My mum's favourite musical is Seven Brides for Seven brothers, and in it they name the children in alphabetical order with Biblical names. When she was pregnant with me she was watching it, and decided she really liked the name 'Hannah' and so here I am. I think it's quite a sweet origin :3
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parents saw it on a gravestone
means laughter
now extra flamey
Jack - It's a family name. Both my great-grandfathers were called Jack, as were a lot of their ancestors etc. My middle name, David, is what my parents were going to call their first-born, after their best friend. Unfortunately, my mum had a miscarriage when she was pregnant the first time. So they made it my middle name as a tribute to him.

Jack is, I believe, a medieval pet form of 'John', which itself means 'God is gracious'.
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Because my grandma had to step in and have her way.
If my mom had her way, my name would have been Luke(Which is a damn good name)
The name is James. It was my father's father that he named me after.
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My name is Dylan, and I do not know the exact reason why I was named Dylan. However, I do know that it means "of the sea" or "belonging to the sea" and that it also comes from some mythical origins meaning "God of the sea". Also, it originates from Welsh.

Obviously my parents hated the accident they had made and decided to punish the tiny sperm that managed to swim through and ruin their lives.
Name: Louise
reason: My mum liked the name
Meaning: Famous Woman Warrior (according to a keychain I got at an airport xD)
Origins: French, English, Dutch
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Keith. I was going to be named David, but my dad wanted something that was extremely simple I couldnt be made fun of for, or something. So David became my middle name.

Keith means Place of Battle. in some scottich or irish or cealtic heritage or something. It also means woodland, or forest in Gaelic terms
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