Poll: is lazy overrated?
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Way overrated
4 22%
Way underrated/just a good song
14 78%
Voters: 18.
I recently made a thread about the most overrated song by the most underated band, and someone said this was overrated! I was shocked, I think it is an amazing song!

So, pit, is lazy overrated?

Poll up soon.

Listen to the whole song before you vote, the outro is amazing.
R.I.P Jon Lord, Rory Gallagher and Jimi!
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not overrated at all!
"A love pirate ? I am no love pirate. What do they mean by that ?"
don't know it to be honest


Overrated is an overused term nowadays, now it seems like people use the term overrated in place of saying "I ****ing hate this" and use overrated because it seems nicer or a seemingly more educated term in their heads.